Episode #170 - Unlocking Wealth with Basement Conversions with Guy Solomon

September 1, 2022

Guy Solomon is our most recent guest. Guy is the founder and president of Penguin Basements. Penguin builds, all types of spaces including a "Finish it Yourself" (FIY), personal use basement and Accessory Dwelling Units/Basement Apartments. Growing to serve all markets from London to Ottawa. Penguin Basements is one of Ontario's biggest contractors that specializes in small basement office renovations. Penguin Basements works with a design-first approach to create the perfect space for homeowners and investors.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Guy Solomon

  • The benefits of being an expert in your niche, and the challenges when niching down.
  • Outlining the ins and outs of basement rentals, and how basements have driven demand in a work-from-home world.
  • Dynamics behind a Finish it Yourself (FIY) project, which opens up budget options for homeowners
  • How can operations and systems help the consumer in the real estate world?

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