Episode #172 - Learning to Explore Unfamiliar Real Estate Markets with Gary O'Brien

October 1, 2022

Gary O’Brien and his wife Karen have been investing in real estate since 2014. Gary has worked in the film and television industry for 23 years as a 3D animator and also shares his insight by teaching part-time at the college level. As an artist and owner of his own art sales business, Gary continues to sell his own oil painting prints across North America. Gary started realizing that Real Estate was the way to go. With 5 units over 3 properties, the BRRR method and some private lending has been the strategies of choice, including a recent secondary suite conversion in Chatham ON. As a member of Durham REI, a listener and reader of Real Estate podcasts and books, Gary continues to be a student of the real estate investing game as there is always more to learn and room to grow. As someone who is not from a real estate investing background, Gary hopes to inspire those that think Real Estate is only for full-time agents and brokers ….to think again.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Gary O'Brien

  • Moving forward and progressing with proper delegation.
  • Exploring different software to make landlords jobs easier, specific use cases explained!
  • Planning out from A to Z how to run a BRRRR project.
  • Expanding to a new real estate market, and how to prepare for a "perfect" opportunity

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