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Inspired by the world’s best Realtors, Sales Beast is a podcast hosted by Mike Johnson and Ana Marin. Every other Tuesday, get motivated as you learn new tips & advice about real estate and how to awaken the Sales Beast in you.

When Success Is The Only Option

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EP 51: Jason Hodder - Expert Advice from One of Canada's Top Winery Sales People

August 9, 2022

We are excited to be joined by Jason Hodder for our latest episode of Sales Beast. Jason takes us through his journey before jumping into real estate, which developed his wealth of knowledge around various business sectors. Now, he is a successful licensed realtor with massive accomplishments and over $350,000 in gross commission this year alone...

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EP 50: David Giustizia - What You Need to Know about the Interest Rate Increase

July 22, 2022

With the rising interest rates, we continue to consider where our real estate careers are going, as well as the effect on our clients. For this episode, we sat down with David Giustizia, the managing partner of Vision Mortgage Group and Vision Capital Partners. Driven by his experience in the Wealth Management space he has a passion for helping investors create a clear vision for growing generational wealth through Real Estate Investing. With experience working in custom financing solutions for investors of all scales, David helps turn his client’s dreams into Reality...

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EP 49: What Dang Good Realtors focus on with Henry Dang

July 11, 2022

We are joined by Henry Dang, one of the top Listing Specialists of Knighton Real Estate Advisors. Discover how he was able to make it from zero real estate experience to getting 45 transactions in just a couple of years. Being in real estate, the fun environment he has with the team and the culture they uphold contributes to his success pushing him to do more and be more. ..

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EP 48: Shawn Rhodes - Bulletproof Selling

June 28, 2022

We are joined by an amazing speaker and an international expert, Shawn Rhodes. He is also well-known for his book, Bulletproof Selling that teaches how to be successful in every aspect of a sales cycle. In this episode, Shawn shares how to maneuver the pipeline built by any sales person as we dive into the process of how to build a sales system and how to properly execute them...

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EP 47: Steevie Soucie - Opportunity in Real Estate and Success through Social Media

June 13, 2022

For this episode of Sales Beast we are joined by tiktok queen, and social media extraordinaire Steevie Soucie! She is a licensed Realtor and alternate team leader at Keller Williams Realty Centres. She has experience as a solo agent, a team member and a productivity coach. Steevie thrives in a team environment, and excels at using social media as a tool to generate leads and convert leads. With over 80% of her business coming from social media, and a combined 100,000 followers across all platforms, Steevie is sure to have some valuable insight on how to expand your social media presence...

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