Episode #173 - Challenges faced by multi-family investors in today's market with Cory Sperle

November 16, 2022

Cory Sperle is a successful real estate entrepreneur and investment coach in Kelowna, British Columbia. Cory has been investing in Canadian real estate for 22 years, in single and multifamily projects. He is an expert on multifamily investing and focuses heavily on a niche and acquiring projects with significant upside potential.

Cory has purchased 10 apartment buildings in the last decade with a value exceeding $25 Million and is an authority on prairie real estate markets, joint venture partnerships, and raising capital. He believes in creating win/win deals with investors, students, tenants, and communities.

Email: csperle@altynequities.com

Instagram: corysperle

6 Pilar Mentorship: 6_Pillars_Of_MultiFamily_Success

Recorded Webinars: altynequities/download

                                           Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Cory Sperle

  • Investing in the prairies with multi-family investments.
  • How to avoid over-leveraging yourself and running into financing troubles.
  • Funding multi-family investments across Canada with the new CMHC MLI select program.
  • Finding the true upside in Canadian multi-family properties.

Cory Sperle