Episode #174 - Real Estate Investment Funds with Matt Christie

December 1, 2022

Partner at Essential Real Estate Partners, Matt has built a residential and commercial real estate portfolio from the ground up, rapidly scaling from 0 to 365 rental units in 10 years. He currently has $115 Million under management. Previously a chartered accountant with PwC, Matt found his full-time passion in real estate in 2011 when he started investing in Hamilton, ON. Matt has since used his financial acumen to assemble dozens of off-market property acquisitions while raising millions of dollars under various strategic corporate structures.
Matt is an experienced real estate investor, developer, and licensed realtor who recently passed his exempt market dealer (EMD) proficiency course. Matt assembles profitable investments for his partners with a specialized eye for hidden market opportunities. Simultaneously, Matt owns a property management company, is the Managing Partner for several limited partnerships, and is an active member of multiple business improvement districts.

Website: https://essentialrealestatepartners.com/

                                     Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Matt Christie.

  • How to raise millions of dollars to invest in real estate?
  • What type of real estate investment funds exist and how to choose the right one?
  • Why/How to invest in real estate funds?
  • Why Essential Real Estate Partners may be a fit for you?
  • How to attract everything you want in life?

Matt Christie