Episode 193: Investing RRSPs and other Registered Funds in Multi-family Apartment Buildings with Mark Baltazar & Mike Rockall

September 15, 2023

With over 20 years of combined real estate investing experience, Mark and Mike have transacted over $300 million in real estate, with holdings of nearly $40 million.

Mike and Mark have developed a network of top professionals in the apartment building investing and operations space to ensure its investors achieve targeted returns.

Website: https://peakmultifamily.ca/

This episode is sponsored by Ascendant Financial https://www.ascendantfinancial.ca/

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Mark Baltazar & Mike Rockall

  • The pros and cons of apartment building investing.
  • Why Ontario is still an amazing opportunity for investors.
  • How to invest registered funds into real estate projects to earn a higher return.
  • How to add value to multi-family apartment buildings to increase income and decrease expenses.