Episode #196: Grow A Real Business with Danielle Chiasson

January 11, 2024

Danielle Chiasson is a serial entrepreneur in residential redevelopment and rental housing in Ontario. With a wide range of projects, from light clean-ups to full renovations and legal conversions, Danielle has demonstrated her expertise.

As a general contractor, she manages trades and staff, handles finances, and continually educates herself and others. Additionally, Danielle is a passionate coach, sharing her knowledge through speaking engagements and online platforms to help investors reach their financial goals.

Despite her busy schedule as a proud mother of three, she remains dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship and empowering others in business and real estate through the monthly networking events she hosts.

Instagram: @danielle.chiasson

Podcast: Let's Get Real Estate Podcast

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Danielle Chiasson

  • How to grow your business through others
  • Who to hire to grow your real estate investing business
  • Investing in big expensive investment programs
  • Why Strategic Success Consulting

Danielle Chiasson