Episode #199: 24 in ‘24 - Small Development Success Strategies with Dan Hogenbirk

March 1, 2024

Daniel started working in construction at an early age. Working in landscaping young, taught him to work hard and persevere through difficult challenges. The year after completing his undergraduate degree, the sale of his parent's company fell through, and he was presented with the opportunity to purchase the company with his brother-in-law.

Daniel and his brother-in-law were presented with some immediate challenges with the business. Several divisions were identified as operating at a loss, and increasing industry pressure in snow plowing/removal made this an increasingly challenging endeavour. Looking for potential solutions, Daniel discovered the potential in interior construction and real estate investing. In 2018, they invested in several duplex conversions to start training their team in the process of interior renovations. By 2022, they grew their real estate company enough to divest the poorly performing divisions and permanently get out of the snow industry. In 2024, Daniel is a licensed builder focusing on building his business around the new opportunities presented by policy changes encouraging intensification in existing neighbourhoods. Daniel’s Business, North Lakes Developments & Construction builds properties for themselves, Joint Venture partners, and clients. Daniel continues to live in one of the apartments he constructed to this day, allowing him to keep his costs down to re-invest into the company and to achieve financial freedom at an early age.


Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Dan Hogenbirk

  • Insider secrets for finding opportunities other investors missed.
  • Increasing the density from a single-family home to fourplex, sixplex and small apartment buildings.
  • Creating cash flow in areas where you normally can’t find cash flow.
  • Challenges that come with small development and how to overcome them.

Dan Hogenbirk