Episode #93: Real Estate Investing Secrets with North Bay RE Moguls Melanie & Dave Dupuis

August 1, 2019

We have Melanie & Dave Dupuis on the show and they are going to share with us the way they structure their deals. Including how they pay zero down & actually receive a cheque when purchasing rental properties!

Melanie and Dave Dupuis are experienced, successful, self-taught real estate investors taking the multi-family market by storm in North Bay, Ontario. Together, they have founded Dupuis Properties and put their business plan in action. Their ultimate goal was to expand and to grow their real estate portfolio to a point were their investments became prosperous enough for Melanie to leave her full-time employment and she was able to do so before turning 40!! Their best year to date was when they impressively acquired twelve properties in less than twelve months and now own just under 100 doors. They published a book this year which already became an Amazon #1 Best Selling Book numerous times! The book is titled “Real Estate Investing Secrets - A NO-BS Guide to Creating Wealth & Freedom."

Here’s What You’ll Learn in our Interview with Melanie & Dave Dupuis:

  • Creative financing options
  • How to get an 8 - 11 cap rate on buildings
  • How to get 'first dibs' on buildings coming up for sale
  • Going in on a deal with a $1 deposit
  • The 1,000 doors goal
  • And much, much more!

Get in touch with Melanie & Dave Dupuis: