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Inspired by the world’s best Realtors, Sales Beast is a podcast hosted by Mike Johnson and Ana Marin. Every other Tuesday, get motivated as you learn new tips & advice about real estate and how to awaken the Sales Beast in you.

When Success Is The Only Option

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EP 60: Liam Knoll - Crushing Your First Year in Real Estate

March 7, 2023

People say, "it is never too late to get started in real estate." But on the other hand, have you ever heard of someone being too young? Meet Liam Knoll, a licensed real estate agent who started in real estate at 18 years of age, and is currently one of the top-producing agents on Team Jordan. Getting involved in business at a very young age has helped him navigate the real estate world.

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EP 59: Sean Provencher - Success Through Self-mastery

January 2, 2023

For this week's episode, we invited Sean Provencher, the CEO of FlipSpace Coaching and Training Community. Sean isn't only obsessed with growth but also with leadership which has led him down the coaching path. Sean has been focused on building FlipSpace, one of the fastest growing coaching programs that spread a simple, yet effective system towards success with young professionals and realtors across the world!

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EP 58: Nickey Calford - Halloween Special

December 22, 2022

Happy Halloween Sales Beast listeners! Are you up for a crazy horror story? We have prepared a special episode for you that you definitely don't want to miss. We, once again, invited Nickey Calford, a real estate agent and one of the best coaches in the real estate industry. And for this spooky episode - it's not what you think - nothing like the ghosts and monsters that you see in the movies! Nickey is going to quickly share with us her scariest story while showing a property to her clients.

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EP 57: Daniel Berger - The Golden Handoff and Retiring As A Realtor

December 13, 2022

Let's talk about one person who is living a life by design! For this episode, we are joined by Daniel Berger of Montreal Quebec KW Urbain. His passion for coaching has helped real estate professionals move their business to a massive level of success.

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EP 56: Jacquilyn German - Coaching for Success Habits that Lead to Growth

October 4, 2022

For this episode, we invited Jacquilyn German, a coach with Keller Williams Complete Realty. Working in the service industry for a significant period of time makes her the best at what she does in her career - she specializes in helping agents kickstart their journey in real estate through education, training, and mentorship...

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